Climate Transition

We have identified Net Zero transition as a major challenge that we all need to address through Rapid Decarbonisation.​

The Rapid Decarbonisation Projects is powered by Pineapple and brings together collaborative groups focused on projects that drive commercial, environmental and social value at scale.

These are the problems we are looking at and solutions we are co-creating.

Rapid Decarbonisation Homes

A pilot project to work at scale to change the dynamics of the social housing retrofit market.


The hypothesis is for a 5 year plan for a 10,000 home annual delivery and then be scaled up and delivered for longer. The project looks to improve CO2 emissions and improve well-being and mortality in vulnerable people.

Pineapple is collaborating with a diverse group of businesses who are interested in enabling a climate transition for all areas concerning a retrofitted house such as energy provision, tenant and landlord experience, stock inventory and cost financing. 

Rapid Decarbonisation Supply Chain

With the rise of organisations adopting Science Based Targets to reduce climate change, there is an increasing focus on businesses’ supply chain engagement to become Net Zero and reducing emissions in line with policies and targets to not increase global warming temperatures more than 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius.

Pineapple is collaborating to create new business models to improve data and engagement that is sensitive to balancing environmental, social and commercial implications of any action.

Are you like-minded in wanting to develop new solutions and collaborating?

We are looking for start-ups to connect with us in developing new solutions.