For Businesses

Pineapple exists to help people to solve world problems.
We believe that people make a business and everyone can have an impact. Pineapple engages with business to gain personal perspectives on the social, environmental and economic factors that employees, partners, customers and all the important stakeholders believe your business can positively address.
In times of COVID-19 and climate emergencies, it's more important than ever that business people stand together and lead us to a better future.
After working with lots of individuals, educational institutes, businesses and government bodies, we have developed a series of tools based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help businesses to make a change.

Understand the issues that people feel it is important for the business to address

Understand how your business is currently addressing issues

Implementation priorities

Compass & Map

A geospatial tech hub collaborating with Pineapple to see how innovation and geospatial data can solve the SDGs.