Global Inequality

Inequality has been on the rise across the globe for decades. Some countries have reduced the numbers of people living in extreme poverty. However, economic gaps have continued to grow as the very richest amass unprecedented levels of wealth. 


Pineapple is working to address the balance of wealth inequality through partnering with Big Business, Finance and NGOs to solve some of the biggest problems in the world. 

These are the problems we are looking at and solutions we are co-creating.

Image by Nandhu Kumar

Improving Basic Needs

Working in partnership with a group of large institutions, Pineapple is working to deliver improved access to Healthcare, Energy, Education, Childcare, Digital and Work to the 4+ billion people globally living on less than USD $8 per day.

We are looking to deliver our first collaborative project helping women and girl farmers around the world to own and operate critical infrastructure, as well as become entrepreneurs through a series of investment funds and impact business models.

We are constantly looking to create new solution spaces that have the potential to solve large market-level challenges. 

We are looking for start-ups to connect with us in developing new solutions.

Want to solve a world problem?

Are you like-minded in wanting to develop new solutions and collaborating?