Legacy Projects

A compilation of Pineapple's archived projects and partners in creating positive impact.

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Pineapple works with CfBI to collaborate around social and environmental innovation initiatives within its ecosystem.

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Energy Systems Catapult is here to help innovative businesses to tackle the most difficult challenges facing the energy sector, as the UK moves to a Net Zero economy.

Pineapple partnered with the ESC to help to identify systemic innovation priorities as the UK transitions to Net Zero, enabling innovators to transition in a way that delivers balanced social, environmental and economic value. 

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Winnow Logo No Background

Winnow Solutions use AI technology to help chefs and restaurants measure, monitor and reduce food waste. This analysis is used to recommend behavioural change in the kitchen and menu while still creating amazing quality food.

Pineapple provided legal support with UK and international trademark registration to enable the business to expand globally to make a greater impact on food waste. 

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Geovation is an incubator created by Ordnance Survey and based in London.

Pineapple partnered with Geovation to collaborate around the use of Geospatial data sets to solve systemic economic, environmental and social issues.

Adventure Pass

Adventure Pass looked to get people to be active, more often. They created an app to offer discounts on the rental of action sports equipment and booking tuition.

Pineapple partnered with Adventure Pass' founder, Nic Woodhams, to help maximise the business' journey to commercial and social impact.

Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee
Abode Impact Dark Background

Abode Impact are focussed on increasing the provision of wheelchair accessible housing for private rent.

They will launch a fund to provide institutional investors with the opportunity to both create social impact and derive long-term financial returns. The fund will purchase wheelchair accessible homes for private rent.


Pineapple partnered with the founders to support the launch of this initiative by offering social impact research, marketing and fundraising services. 

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