Positive Interactions

What are positive interactions?

Pineapple believes and encourages positive interactions for all to form long lasting partnerships. From these partnerships, cohesive collaboration emerges and enables us to creatively solve the world's biggest problems.


There are so many of us with a wide range of skill set and experience. Putting partnerships first gives us the opportunity to use our experiences and skills and focus on the purpose and realign our shared ambition. Together, we put the competition on achieving the best possible social purpose for all.

Our journey started as a
group of individuals with a shared ambition of wanting to do good business and achieve positive social impact.

From our collective experience, we realised we can do more so reached out to interact with those who implement more social impact, those who share our same ideas and actions through business and those who enable it.

How you can be part of this

As an individual, do you:

  • Want to understand which world problems resonate with you?

  • Find out how these world problems impact and relate to different parts of your life?

  • Understand where you can make positive action and address your impact?

As a business, do you:

  • Want to know what issues are important to your staff, customers, investors and leaders? How do these relate to the UNs Sustainable Development Goals?

  • Find out what your business is doing currently to address these issues? Where could your business do more of? Where would less harm be?

  • Want to discover what it takes to make a change? How can your business make a case for change? What is standing in your way?

Interested in partnering and act for Positive Interactions with us?