Problem spaces we're addressing

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The Rapid

Decarbonisation Project

A group of organisations that share resources, risks and rewards in order to collaborate on our path to Net Zero and a ‘just’ Climate Transition.

Programme can positively impact:

  • 180,000 vulnerable people

  • Equivalent to 60,000 houses carbon footprint reduction

  • £1 billion commercial value generated

  • Partnerships with organisations from Fortune500 and Global200

Gardening Class

Financing Positive Change Project

A group of financial organisations and their customers and prospects collaborating to accelerate financing of the SDGs.


With Pineapple’s framework, it can positively impact by:

  • Delivering social and environmental benefits towards the SDGs

  • Linking financial incentives and performance to the SDGs

  • Supporting finance and their customers to accelerate positive change

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Positive Interactions

Pineapple believes and encourages positive interactions for all to form long lasting partnerships. From these partnerships, cohesive collaboration emerges and enables us to creatively solve the world's biggest problems.

Find out more how you can take part as an individual and as a business by understanding:

  • What world problems are important?

  • How does it impact you or your organisation?

  • How does one make change?

 We choose 


Pineapple are proud to be part of B Corp™ and join a global movement of people using business as a force for good, to create solutions to world problems. 

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