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Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

Purpose in detail

"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why

- Mark Twain

 What is purpose? 

Purpose is creating a passion, a fulfilment, a serving in using the values that are important to us as an individual or as a collective group to act. It is about learning, understanding, and growing and becoming our most authentic if not, better self in the process.

Purpose brings a sense of meaning and connection in people. If we saw an elderly person struggling along the pavement with their groceries, our instinct (and connection) would be to ask them if they need help and naturally, we would walk them back and help them unpack their shopping. 

This act of kindness meant the elderly person didn’t have to struggle, have a stocked fridge and their helper will know that they have made life better for the elderly person. The impact of this connection was to make a positive change, both the elderly person and helper feel better and happier.

 Having a sense of purpose is linked to living longer 

Read more about the 14 year long study

 Why purpose? 

People and businesses working together have voiced that they connect better when they have a shared purpose.


Unilever's Sustainable Living Brands grew 69% faster in 2018 compared to the rest of their business in 2017 at 46%.


A purpose biometrics study found that 79% of Americans found a deeper personal connection with companies values similar to their own.


Enso's World Value Index found that 81% of those surveyed believe that businesses can be a force for positive social and environmental change.

People would consider sacrificing factors such as salary to work for a company that has a clear purpose beyond profit. Danone found that 27% of managers in British companies would do that.

Bain & Company found that while satisfied employees productivity level is at 100%, an engaged employee productivity level is at 144% and when an employee who is "truly inspired" by the purpose of their company, can be productive at 225%!

Globally, Ipsos found 67% of those surveyed found it was more important that brands choose to make a positive contribution to society, beyond just providing a good service or product. 

Pineapple's impact

Overall, purpose makes people and businesses really think about what they want.

We can reflect and understand the real value of what we would like in our personal lives and work lives.

If businesses are really invested in their future, having purposeful people leading their organisation with a clear purpose has a clearer intent for proof of impact.

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