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Regenerative Markets

We have identified fair, equitable and sustainable distribution of finance as a major challenge which we all need to address in conjunction with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

​The Financing Positive Change Project is powered by Pineapple and brings together investors, lenders and government finance to finance organisations and initiatives that can positively impact the SDGs.​

These are the problems we are looking at and solutions we are co-creating.

Are you like-minded in wanting to develop new solutions and collaborating?

Sustainable Linked Lending

​Pineapple has launched a separate technology venture that is working with lenders to support lenders, issuers and borrowers in enabling lending to positively impact the SDGs.

The purpose of this venture is to set material targets and identify areas that can drive transformative change that brings social and environmental value to new and emerging markets.

Pineapple is collaborating with a diverse group of financial service providers and law firms to create a business that can transform the market place.

Sustainability Linked Finance Project

A collaborative project with financial institutions in managing over £1billion in sustainable finance. This is to link structured finance to sustainability objectives in order to incentivise, reward and finance sustainable transition of the SDGs

Pineapple partnered to collaborate on educating and adapting the SDGs to sustainable Key Performance Indicators for financial institutions to use to support their customers.

We are constantly looking to create new solution spaces that have the potential to solve large market-level challenges. 

We are looking for start-ups to connect with us in developing new solutions.

Want to solve a world problem?


Pineapple Impact

Working through our project spaces, Pineapple invests in transformative businesses that can deliver game changing solutions.

We partner through joint ventures, co-invest with corporate venture partners and investment funds to deliver market leading commercial returns and deliver impact at the same time.

​Pineapple is actively looking for dynamic and impactful growth companies to partner with for scale. 

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