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ROAM: Where sustainability, business and culture meet

Our very own Andy Dewis was invited to talk "sustainability" at the February 2018 ROAM networking event held at our much-loved Milk Bar.

Other speakers included Anna Doyle, Festival Director for Reading-on-Thames Festival 2018 and Lara Stavrinou, 'Great Places' Cultural Development Officer.

ROAM is a series of meetups arranged by Creative People and jelly arts with support from RSA Fellowship, taking place in a variety of different venues with a guest speaker and a chance to meet, discuss, debate, hear new stories, and develop ideas.

Sustainability and business

Pineapple is bringing together social entrepreneurs, large organisations, finance providers, incubators, accelerators and academics to create more social purpose businesses. We believe that by working together we have the ability to deliver the transformation needed to solve global issues, like the ones identified in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Pineapple was born in Reading, so we have deep roots and connections in the area. There's definitely a growing movement towards social purpose in both the local community and business.

Reading-on-Thames Festival 2018

Anna Doyle got everyone excited about the forthcoming national Thames Festival taking place across cities and towns in the Thames Basin area between 7 - 18th September 2018.

Anna hopes this will be THE festival for Reading, with the town being a big part of the celebration. The festival will use rivers as a backdrop and inspiration for an arts and cultural festival, bringing national arts organisations to Reading and providing a platform for local arts and community organisations to showcase their talent.

Great Places Scheme

Reading has been awarded a £550,000 Great Places Scheme grant to put arts, culture and heritage at the heart of the town. The award will support the development of a range of cultural projects across Reading to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of communities and boost economic success. Lara and her team are keen to identify ways to help vulnerable groups, such as the homeless.

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