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Pineapple Homes

We deliver affordable decarbonisation for social housing. 

Our model combines reduced upfront costs, streamlined process, and a simple path to net zero.


Making sustainability achievable

  • Social housing providers are firmly committed to a sustainable future for their residents. However, rising operational costs make it challenging to invest in essential green upgrades. Upfront retrofitting costs remain a significant hurdle.

  • Pineapple Homes is our solution – a one-stop-shop retrofit program developed with our partners to deliver affordable decarbonisation at scale.


Decarbonisation made simple and affordable

  • Our consortium brings together leading experts in finance, energy, technology, and insurance. This powerful alliance unlocks a funding model to reduce upfront retrofit costs by up to 70%. Together, we handle the entire decarbonisation process, from assessment to delivery and funding.

  • A dedicated project manager from Pineapple will serve as your primary contact, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.


Reduce the upfront costs of decarbonisation

  • Our financing model minimises upfront costs by leveraging off-balance sheet funding held by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This means the project financing doesn't impact your borrowing capacity.

  • Income streams generated by the retrofit project, such as energy savings, grants, and retrofit credits, help recoup the investment.

  • Our consortium approach further reduces costs through economies of scale and streamlined processes, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.


​Benefits for residents, landlords, and the environment

By working with the Pineapple Homes consortium, you'll reap a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduced Costs: Minimise upfront expenses through our innovative financing model.

  • Improved Resident Well-being: Your tenants will enjoy lower energy bills and more comfortable homes thanks to improved energy efficiency.

  • Achieve Sustainability Goals: Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

  • Streamlined, Simplified Process: Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships streamlines decarbonisation for you. We handle all aspects, from needs assessment to project implementation, allowing you to focus on your core priorities.

Join the movement: be part of the future of social housing

We invite social housing providers to join the movement and unlock the benefits of affordable decarbonisation.​ Contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs. Together, we can create a sustainable future for social housing.

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