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Partnerships work.

We help businesses to transition to a sustainable future and achieve long-term success by aligning commercial and impact incentives across the value chain. This is possible today through the power of partnership, enabled by cloud technology in an increasingly connected world.

Analogue era

Slow and cumbersome communications technology created a world of competition in which organisations were isolated, reactive and mostly process oriented. Good business meant stand-a-lone projects as 'corporate social responsibility'.

Digital era

Mobile communications and the internet then enabled a world of connection in which organisations were better networked, more proactive and increasingly data driven. Good business meant data-driven decision making for sustainability.

Platform era

Now, we are enabled by cloud technology and live in a platform world of partnership where organisations are more collaborative, systems-oriented and interdependent. Good business now means working across value chains for system-wide impact.

At Pineapple, we see ourselves as leading the charge for the power of partnerships in a creating a sustainable future. We are already making an impact across a range of transition system areas....

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Net zero housing

Decarbonisation through social housing retrofit

Our partnership include Places for People, Schneider Electric, Natwest, British Gas, Sero and Tallarna

Net Zero Housing Transition is critical in the fight against climate change, with emissions from homes making a large part of global carbon emissions.​ Due to failings in the market we are not able to operate at the scale required to address this challenge. 

Pineapple is working across the industry to imagine a solution to solve this very important issue. From an initial commercial partnership with Schneider Electric, Pineapple has gone on to form commercial relationships with Places for People, British Gas, Natwest, Sero, and Tallarna. We are leveraging the power of our collaboration with these organisations to change the dynamics of the social housing retrofit market. With an ambition to run the largest scale retrofit program in the UK we are on track to decarbonise over 50,000 homes in the coming years.

By doing this, we hope to form a global blueprint for delivering a ‘just’ net zero transition while improving the health and wellbeing of people and the built environment.

"Working with Pineapple has been instrumental in helping us to accelerate scale partnerships in Net Zero Transition and help to support this very important part of the market" 
Paul Thwaite, NatWest Group CEO

Nature systems

Opening access to the voluntary carbon market

Partnership strategy for Aspiration

Restoring nature is critical to addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis. It can also create more resilient supply chains and decrease financial exposure. 
One mechanism to reverse climate change reversal and biodiversity collapse is to sell nature-based solutions on the voluntary carbon market. However, buyers face a plethora of challenges including fear of greenwashing, confusion regarding what constitutes quality, and confidence in vendors. This has significantly slowed reinvestment in nature and impacted local communities. 

Pineapple therefore began work with one of the largest nature funds in the world, devising a go-to-market strategy and new ways for customers to invest - from tailoring portfolios, to insetting, to raising a levy through the value chain.

"The Pineapple Team is a pleasure to collaborate with, delivering us an original route-to-market strategy in a crowded marketplace, sales with high integrity corporates despite a challenging outlook, and plenty of brand equity in the form of speaking slots at sustainability events. I would highly recommend their bespoke services.

Rupert Robinson, Chief Strategy/Solutions Officer, Aspiration

Nature Walk

Sustainable supply chains

Tackling upstream emissions

Collaboration of Relx, Schneider Electric, Clean Growth UK, Sustainable Procurement Pledge and others

Supply Chain Transition is critical in the fight against climate change, with over 90% of emissions sitting in the supply chains of most large corporations and an important commercial mechanism for supporting and building capabilities of the supply chain as well as ensuring a just transition.

Pineapple has partnered with a group of companies that represent some of the largest supply chains in the world in order to imagine, build and run commercial partnerships that will deliver new, innovative business models deployed through the supply chain to accelerate transitions to a sustainable future. This is leading to the rapid decarbonisation of commercial real estate within supply chains, innovative financing mechanisms and circular funding mechanisms, supporting SMEs across the supply chain including smallholders in the agricultural supply chain.

By leveraging global supply chain scale and forming partnerships to deliver solutions we are imagining new models that help to support the supply chain to build the capacity for transition, delivering new financing and commercial models as well as accelerating new technologies and innovation that is needed to transition. 

"Pineapple have added significant value by helping us to better understand how we evolve our approach to how we support our supply chain through transition."
Marcia Barcialliano, Relx Group CSO

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