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Partnering with the worlds biggest lighting company to decarbonise the built environment

It was fantastic and ‘illuminating’ to launch our new partnership and initiative to decarbonise commercial real estate through a new venture 'Pineapple CoRE'. We launched this with Signify team a few weeks ago a big thanks to Nico van der Merwe (Europe CEO) Clark Morrow (UK Strategy) Alice K. Steenland (Group Strategy & Sustainability) and the team who are joining forces with NatWest GroupCentricaPlaces for People & Schneider Electric on our journey to rapidly accelerate a ‘just transition’ of the built environment.

Buildings and the built environment make up a staggering 40% of global emissions and is pivotal to our transition so Pineapple CoRE.

Commercial real estate owners face growing pressure to decarbonise from: banks, investors, stakeholders and tenants, as well as being driven by compliance with the approaching MEES regulations in the UK.

Meeting the challenge is complex. Asset owners need support to understand the context, develop a clear business case, create a decarbonisation pathway and manage delivery.

In a resource constrained environment, asset owners need a solution that is easy to procure and implement, is non-capital intensive and offers measurable ROI.

At Pineapple Partnerships, our purpose is to create partnerships to solve world problems, by bringing sustainability solutions to market, at scale

We achieve this by helping visionary organisations align impact and commercial aspirations and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, together.

Pineapple CoRE is our offer to commercial real estate asset owners. With our partners, we have developed a one-stop-shop retrofit solution to deliver decarbonisation impact at scale. 


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