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What can business learn by partnering with conservationists?

Pineapple are really happy to be partnering with the wonderful Sacha Dench and Conservation Without Borders through some exciting projects to connect business and the natural world, launched at an event in May with support from the one and only Joanna Lumley. ‘Flight of the Vultures’ is a series of 10 expeditions around the world, to sites where vultures are in massive decline, and conservationists are going to extraordinary lengths to try to save them. 

Loved in some cultures and loathed in others, but essential to healthy ecosystems, this is an exploration into the lives of some fascinating creatures, but why have they been misunderstood and mistreated in so many places around the world? 

This expedition will allow you to be with us as we join the birds high in the sky, down at dinner, and investigate what happens when we push species like the vultures to the brink, with shocking cost to humans and human life.

This will be a thrilling and inspiring adventure but also a stirring call to action on the biodiversity crisis, and how we can all help. 

Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships and the team are helping to collaborate with business and finance to better understand the negative impacts that the world of business is having and learn what we can do to positively impact nature.

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