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Start with Purpose

Updated: Feb 26

As we set a course through turbulent times, a shared mindset and common purpose are critical in delivering the change we need to see.

Hope and momentum in today's uncertain world, marked by conflicts, shifting global powers, polarisation, the fast space of AI and increasing weather effects hinges on our collective ability to form resilient partnerships and develop new business models.

An important transition is happening, moving us from a digital era, where organisations rely on technology and networks, to a platform era, where organisations tackle complex and market-sized problems by working together at scale. To thrive in this environment, organisations need to focus on building a shared purpose and mindset.

Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships uses the power of partnerships to go beyond traditional markets, sectors, and the capabilities of a single organisation to deliver impact at market scale. We work with ambitious businesses to imagine, build and run business models and partnerships that align impact and commercial incentives.

And it all starts with purpose. 

A shared purpose and mindset is the missing link to effective collaboration. Partnerships need to be resilient to weather increased volatility, ironically just as partnerships themselves come under strain. And yet, we miss out on so much without them including

  • Leaving our egos at the door and boosting motivation, commitment, and trust to work as a team beyond the walls of our organisations.

  • Creating a sense of belonging and identity that aligns our actions and decisions with our goals.

  • Leveraging diverse skills, resources, and perspectives to maximise impact for all stakeholders. 

Our experience collaborating with forward-thinking organisations like Blueprint for Better Business, Insight Principles and NatWest Group shows just how possible market-scale impacts are possible when we leverage new frameworks to:

  • Find common ground among different, and oftentimes, conflicting interests, values, and perspectives.

  • Communicate the shared purpose clearly and consistently to all the partners and ensure their alignment

  • Adapt a shared purpose to changing situations and following stakeholder feedback 

  • Measure and evaluate the impact of a shared purpose on both partners and the wider systems that need to be transformed.

Pineapple Partnerships is exploring these themes throughout 2024 with roundtable discussions and hosted dinners. Sign up for key dates and invitations to our discussions this year including about social housing, commercial retrofit, the built and natural environments, transportation and materials discussions. 

Pineapple Imagine Lab in progress with Andy Dewis


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